CA-550 Tilt Detektor til Bilalarm

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CA-550 Tilt Detektor til Bilalarm

Produktet passer til CA-2103 ATHOS GSM/GPS Bilalarm

The CA-550 tilt detector detects movement of the car in two axes (x and y). No mechanical parts are used in the detector. Detection is achieved through electronic acceleration metering.

The digital analysis used in this detector ensures high resistance against the false alarms. When the alarm is armed (power supply connected) the reference position of the detector is stored in the memory after which the position of the detector is continuously checked, compared and updated. If the tilt of the car is changed by more than 1°, the detector will be triggered.

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Power 9 – 16V (DC)
Power consumption typ.1 mA
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Maximum sensitivity (for both axes) 1° (built-in digital filter)
Angle of operation with max. sensitivity preservation ± 45° from reference (horizontal) position
Installation position of the detector ± 15° from horizontal (both axes)
Output negative pulse with a duration of 0.5 s
Maximal output load 80 mA

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